Different Breeds of Rabbits

When it comes to raising rabbits as pets, their breed is certainly one factor that owners need to pay attention to. This is because, similar to cats and dogs, rabbit breeds determine the temperament, raising techniques, and appearance of your prospective pet. While most experts agree that basically all kinds of rabbit breeds can make ideal pets, there are certainly breeds that stand out based on the three factors stated above. Here are five of the most highly-recommended breeds you should definitely consider getting.

Lionhead Rabbit Breed

1. Sussex

This breed is fairly new, as it was only conceived in the 1980s. And, the fact that it has become extremely popular as a pet in a short amount of time goes to show that you won’t regret opting for this breed. It is well-known for its very friendly nature, cream-colored coat, and high intelligence. Of course, the latter only ever ensures that if you want a rabbit you can easily teach tricks to, then the Sussex should definitely be at the top of your list. As for raising it, owners are advised to pay close attention to its weight, as it has been confirmed to be a bit of a glutton.

2. Himalayan

Since Himalayan rabbits are one of the most popular rabbit breeds for kids, it’s safe to say that this is the best breed to choose for any person who wants to try having a rabbit as a pet for the first time. It’s one of the rabbit breeds that were developed as well and is called “Himies” by breeders. Its defining physical attribute are definitely its white fur, dark eyes, and red eyes. They crave their owners’ attention a lot and are one of the easiest breeds to get along with.

3. Mini Rex

If you’re the kind of owner who likes to caress and stroke your rabbit’s fur, know that the Mini Rex has one of the plushest and softest furs of most breeds of rabbits; in fact, it’s been highly compared to velvet. Its fur color varies as well from tortoise and opal to white and chocolate, to cite but a few. Personality-wise, it’s also amenable and sweet, and its relatively dwarfish body makes it perfect for those who prefer rabbits that aren’t too big.

4. Lionhead

How can you possibly not be enamored with a rabbit that bears a striking resemblance to the king of the jungle? The similarity is so great, in fact, that it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that the Lionhead rabbit actually has its own mane. It is also one of the newer breeds that is steadily becoming a crowd-favorite, and it’s extremely good-natured and easy to train as well, making it an ideal pet for people of all ages.

5. English Lop

Pet owners who want rabbits that are gifted more in the ear department should surely consider the English Lop. Featuring ears that could almost touch the ground when it’s seated upright, it complements this by having an equally long body. Besides its adorable, droopy ears, it is also known for its lively temperament and penchant for exploration. Nonetheless, this is definitely one of the breeds that require owners to exercise great care when raising because of its proneness to disease (ear infections, in particular).


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